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Business Training Classes
Business Training Classes

Training Services

A wide variety of classes are available to you ranging from customer service, to operational security. Our business training sessions will work to increase sales, customer retention, employee retention, prevent IP and financial losses.

Customer Service Training

Attracting and retaining patrons takes time and money, but is the only way a business can exist. The pandemic resulted in a lot of last minute adjustments for almost all companies. This was a huge eye opener for how important proper training, and a fluid mindset are in order to progress, and succeed. Midwest Strategic offers two hour block training sessions. These sessions can be conducted on-site, or remotely. Highlights we cover are; team building, strategic communication, customer outreach, resolving and handling escalations, as well as other skillful tactics to ensure your business is known for its, "best in class service".

Max Class Size 25
Recommended For CSRs, AR, Sales, and other customer facing departments.

Leadership Training

Leadership can make or break a company. Leaders have the power to make or break a company. Proper leadership has never been more important than it is today. Leaders must learn how to do more with less, and maintain an environment employees are excited to be part of. Leaders need to know how to motivate, make strategic decisions, mentor, delegate, and create a great culture for their teams.

Max Class Size 15
Recommended For Team leads - Executives