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John Schram Business Executive Leader

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John Schram is most well known for his leadership skills, his vast background in business, business strategy, negotiation, and technology making John Schram a key player in any role.

John Schram is a performance-focused Leader with experience directing multiple departments concurrently leveraging an extensive background in leadership, sales, marketing, operations, B2B negotiations, startups, business consulting, information technology, electrical engineering, and building science. Well-versed in overseeing large and small teams and managing large business projects and implementation of technology, products, and service. Able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing business environment, by setting objectives and goals, then building teams to produce results.


Leadership | 25 years

John Schram has over 25 years in leadership roles from an early age leading seasonal labor teams on his family's dairy farm, to leading teams into and out of highly stressful situations in the U.S. Navy with many more years leading large and small teams to achieve business goals from team lead to executive leadership. John is truly a natural born leader and his results over the years continue to prove it.

Business Strategy | 15 years

John Schram has over 15 years in business strategy, working with many different companies, board of director groups and investors to a come up with strategic goals then outline a plan of action to achieve the goals. This goals include entering new markets, increasing efficiencies through automation, and how to work around your competition. This is completed and tracked using KPIs to ensure the business stays on track completing its strategic goals. "My core focus is to help business transition from Red Oceans to Blue ones. This is where businesses can truly find success" - John Schram

Project Management | 18 years

John Schram has over 18 years in project management, everything from changing ERP, PMS, CRM systems, managing startups and over seeing large CapeX or capital expenditure projects. John truly masted his project management skills during his programing years building ERP systems using Agile and SCRUM methods to keep teams on track, on time and efficient.

These are just the top 3, John has many other skills that have made him very successful through out the years. John's specialty is working with distressed businesses bringing them back to profitability.

Questions and Answers

What drives you?

It was not easy, I wanted to go to collage after high school but was repeatedly denied due to my dyslexia. So I made it a goal after leaving the military that I would not let anything stop me form achieving my goals. I wanted to prove a point that attaining a collage degree was not the only path forward. I still continue to learn reading and viewing whatever content I can get my hands on. Sites like Skill Share, and Udemy have been key for my knowledge growth.

How did you gain such a brod skill set?

I gain a lot of experience in two ways, consulting and programing. Both of which you need to understand the challenges your clients are trying to overcome, lean the job, then fix the problem. I am so happy have been able to wor with so many great people in many different industries.

What is the most common issue you see in businesses you consult for?

The most common pain points is have seen is the lack of communication and team work. This is caused by many factors from to many members in a team, in fighting, and many more. I have spent most of my time consulting just getting all the stek holder to agree on a central vision and a clear set of goals.

What recommendation to do you for senior managmet groups?

Keep your goals clear and your teams small. When setting goals ensure that they are obtainable and will help your business in crease profit. As for keeping your teams small, in mean small 6 people max. If you have more than 6 direct reports at the senior level you need to need to setup team leads to delegate. This allows for ample time to focus on core business objectives.