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Midwest Strategic Team

Each member of Midwest Strategic offers an expertise skill set and broad range of experience to the team. By combining our strengths, we are able to provide industry leading experience and service to all of our clients. Our customer service advocate, Saraid Schram, is a leader in communications and is able to train the skills needed for long term customer retention. A leader in business operations and accounting, David Schafer will help you make sound financial decisions. Proudly boasting a successful track record of building highly profitable lean start-ups, John Schram and his high tech background allow for our clients to be the cutting edge in their industry and set the bar for their competitors.
Aside from our core group we have many other members ready to help grow your business.

Our Top Consultants
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David Schafer

Daivd is an experienced consultant with a vast skill set including accounting, sales, marketing, and business operations. He has held many positions such as CFO, CEO, and VP of Sales. He helped many businesses grow and triple in size.

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John Schram

John Schram is one of the best technical advisers in the wisconsin area. Helping many companies upgrade or replace there ERP,PMS,CRM, and LMS systems. John has shown time and time again what it takes to build businesses from the ground up. His skill sets include information technology, engineering, capital project management, marketing, sales, and business development.

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Ralph Glenz

Ralph has worked with startups and large corporations. Ralph's core skills include Technology, Team Building, and Customer Service. Ralph's work with small crafting businesses in Norther Wisconsin has helped Midwest Strategic gain access to these key up and coming market segments.