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Team building should be a top priority after a acquisition or merger. Midwest Strategic is here to help (715) 497-2968
Business coaching is a great value add for any business owner.
                                            Our team will review your business and work with owners, board members, and senior leadership to set goals and then create KPIs to track the performance of these goals.
                                            Midwest Strategic has helped many businesses over the years achieve success.
Leadership coaching works well for new hires, employees new to management roles, to help re engage leaders after staff turnovers,
                                            or to help make sure leaders are equipped with the tools to prevent staff turn over or 'quiet quitting'.

Business Acquisition and Merger Checklist

Mergers and acquisitions are no easy task, each one presenting unique challenges, everything from staffing changes to core business operations. Broken in to two lists the first is the acquisition and the second one being a merger. Midwest Strategic has build a check list to ensure the basics are covered. Since each acquisition and merger is different in it own ways this list may not cover everything and may include non-relevant items.

    Business Merger Definition

    An acquisition is a corporate action in which one company purchases most or all of another company's equity or shares to gain control of that company.

    Business Merger Definition

    A merger unites two existing companies into one new company. THe result is about double the equity that is then spit between the original owners. In most cases both original owners stay on and work together.

    Merger and acquisition or 'M&A'

    In this scenario a company or business is bought, then merged together.It is important to understand that mergers and acquisition.

Business Acquisition and Merger Key Factors

Below are key factors to take into consideration. Please note if your business is in serious trouble please reach out. If money is a factor we can review payment options like a deferred payment or equity in lieu of payment. If you are the owner we can work on an exit plan to ensure you get compensated fairly, or if you are unable to manage your business we can help with short term management and for longer term, we can work to install a long term management team. At Midwest Strategic we do everything in our power to find the best win win solution for everyone.

  • Is this Acquisition, Merger or Acquisition and Merger?
  • Have you told your staff yet?
  • Are any key staff members or leaders planing on exiting prior to the transactions?
  • Is there a contingency plan in case the acquisition and/or merger falls through?
  • Has the business been marketed to get top value?
  • Does the business have a proper evaluation?

If you are unsure about any of the questions above please call us before moving further in the process.

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